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Tiny Township

The Coutnac Beach community within Tiny Township of Simcoe County, Ontario, comprises 161 properties and seven held in-common private park lands whichT are home to a large number of healthy and old growth mature ash trees. Located on the north shore of the Outer Harbour of Penetanguishene Bay, Coutnac Beach resides in an area with a rich and steep history of the early settlement and defence of Canada. As early as AD 800, the Huron settled in semi-permanent villages in the area with the young French translator, Étienne Brûlé.

Through the present years, many Ash trees in Coutnac Beach have continued to stand tall for over an estimated 130 years being spared from the loggers’ axes and saws and land development operations. In fact the trees were saved by residing within the unique planned common park lands (noted earlier) not having to be removed for subdivision grading and road and home construction. Of significant note, there are nine White Ash trees alone that have diameters at breast height (DBH) and heights at over 60cm and 70 feet tall, respectively, and 18 more White Ash trees with over 50cm DBH.