Forests Ontario

Heritage Tree

Recognition Number
200 years
22.9 m
243 cm

This Sugar Maple signifies the location for trading grounds between early European settlers and the Chippewa, a local first nation’s clan. Arborists estimate that the tree is well over 200 years old. The “Trading Tree”, as locals called it, was used as a trading ground in order for the Chippewa to exchange their woven baskets and fish for the settler’s butter and eggs. This Sugar Maple symbolizes the success resulting from the collaboration between pioneers and the Chippewa in the early settling days.

This Tree is located on a historic farm parcel owned by the Reed Family dating back to 1840. The farm stayed within the Reed family until 2013 where it was sold to the Town of Georgina. In 2015, the town gave a 7.5 acre lease to the Ontario Water Centre. This educational charity is turning the farm into a demonstration for eco-farming. The charity will be building an educational garden around the tree.