Forests Ontario

Heritage Tree

Recognition Number
225 years
30.5 m
487 cm

This Sycamore tree has been a member of the community since pre-confederation. It has withstood the war of 1812, mass urbanization, and highly present disease. Despite these factors the 225 year old Sycamore on the Roseland Subdivision stands to this day and dominates the landscape of the community, attracting attention from every direction.

While the species is not rare, the size and unique health of this tree is unmatched within the municipality and possibly the province. The home owner alongside the City of Windsor have partnered together to ensure healthy maintenance of the tree. In 1926, prior to being the Roseland Residential District, the area this tree populates acted as a golf course and country club. The property was owned by the McKee and Marantette families, both of whom played a substantial role in the development of the Town of Sandwich, now known as part of the City of Windsor. This tree has withstood several ownerships and redevelopments and is older than the city itself, making it a symbol of health and prosperity for the region.