Forests Ontario

Heritage Tree

Recognition Number
113 years
30 m
274 cm

This English oak tree is historically and socially significant to Leith since its planting in 1905 by a group of youngsters attending Sunday School at Leith Church. The tree sits feet away from the front door of Leith Church, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015. It also sits only feet away from Tom Thomson’s tombstone, an iconic Canadian painter and member of the Group of Seven. Every year many pilgrims walk under the Oaks canopy to lay paintbrushes, rings, and coins to pay respect to the painter.

This tree also hosts a ceilidh dancing festival that attracts 500 people every summer alongside several music festivals every year. It is also an important historical marker for the Leith Church, where under this tree the church holds an anniversary service of the Annan-Woodford pastoral charge along with an outdoor luncheon each year.

This old oak tree is special to the Friends of Leith Church, a volunteer group that restored the historical Leith Church into a cultural community hub that attracts thousands of visitors each year. This tree has become so precious to the community that Friends of Leith Church will gather its acorns to provide new roots and hope for future generations.