Forests Ontario

Heritage Tree

Recognition Number
250 years
24.8 m
427 cm
Chisholm Township

This Eastern White Pine is nearly 300 years old and is located in an old-growth forest dominated by white and black spruce and tamarack. This White Pine is one among the few found in the area. This historic area was once owned by one of Ontario’s most famous lumber barons, John Rudohphis (J.R.) Booth. Booth was the renowned Canadian lumber king and built the Canada Atlantic Railway. Near this tree he owned a sawmill that was part of the largest lumber operation of its kind in the world, that eventually burned down in a forest fire. At the time, the large old pines located on this site were deemed the most prized species to harvest, used often as the masts for large ships.

Over recent years many people have hiked to this tree with local author, Robert John Leach. Leach has published stories telling the tales of this area. As one of the last standing Eastern White Pine’s of the regions, this tree is physically, functionally, visually, and historically linked to its surroundings.