Forests Ontario

Heritage Tree

Recognition Number
260 years
20 m
111 cm

American Beech tree holds significant historical and social value to the Town of Cobourg. The tree dates back to pre-settlement era about 260 years ago, and currently stands as the last surviving mature beech tree. The area this tree inhabits was purchased by Mr. D.F. Donegan in aims to preserve the species. He gifted the land to Cobourg and as a result the area became Cobourg’s first official park in 1894, now known as Donegan Park.

The land became an active park, and was home to several local sports teams and events. The Galloping Ghosts, a local amateur football team saw 8 Ontario and 3 Canadian Championships in this park. Aside from its sports history, the park has also had visits from some significant historical figures including Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir Wilfred Laurier.

This American Beech tree has withstood several ownerships and redevelopments and is older than the city itself, making it a symbol of health and prosperity for the region. Over the decades, this tree has seen the town, province and country evolve under the shade of its branches.