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Community Tree Plant

The community that plants together, grows together!

Forests Ontario’s annual Community Tree Plants take place during the first weekend of May. They bring together families, community members and volunteers to take part in a half-day tree planting activity, promoting local engagement and environmental awareness. Participants are given the opportunity to directly support their community in a local reforestation project and learn about the benefits of trees, shade and green urban spaces.

The events are held rain or shine and participants are asked to bring a shovel, gardening gloves and a lot of energy! Forests Ontario and its partners supply the rest – the trees, forestry specialists, mulch and snacks. Appropriate outdoor clothing, sturdy shoes (steel toe if possible), a hat and sunscreen are recommended.

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Reconciliation Community Tree Plant

Forests Ontario is partnering with Chiefs of Ontario to promote Reconciliation Community Tree Plant (RCTP) events across the province. Chiefs of Ontario have a vision of creating strong communities and a future for our children through the restoration of our forests, stewardship of the land, and awareness of all that forests provide.

RCTPs provide an opportunity to highlight the inherent connection between Indigenous communities and forests, provide a platform for ongoing discussions related to forest values and forest management, and create an opportunity for cultural exchange with local, non-Indigenous communities.

“As we plant trees, we create the foundation for our future built on integrity, good relationships and trust. As our forests grow so do our relationships and understanding.” – Ontario Regional Chief, RoseAnne Archibald

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