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Heritage Tree

What is a Heritage Tree?

Heritage Trees collect and tells the stories of Ontario’s diverse and unique trees and brings awareness to the social, cultural, historical and ecological value of trees. For your tree to qualify, Heritage Trees have to be associated with a historic person or event, or may be growing on land that is historically significant. Candidate Heritage Trees are also assessed for form, shape, beauty, age, colour, size, rarity, genetic constitution or other distinctive features and/or as a prominent community landmark, however its historical or cultural significance is of most importance. The program, launched in 2009 in partnership with the Ontario Urban Forest Council.

All trees are assessed by Evaluators to confirm they qualify for Heritage Tree status. Recognition is based on a trees historical, cultural or social significance as well as consideration given for distinctness in size, form, age and rarity. If you are interested in becoming an evaluator, click here for more information.

How do I nominate a tree?

Anyone can nominate a tree for the Heritage Tree Program – whether it is on their own property, their friends or family member’s property or in a public space. You will need to register as a nominator before beginning the nomination process.

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