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2020: Waste Management

2020: Waste Management

Grade 9 to Grade 12

An indicator of a healthy ecosystem is its ability to naturally decompose wastes into smaller base components – for example, water, minerals, and nutrients – which are ultimately recycled back into the environment. Compared to other organisms, humans generate a variety of wastes that cannot be processed by natural systems, and as such must be managed through collective human action. Effective waste management systems must engage multiple stakeholders on several fronts and include education, hazard reduction and waste diversion components.

This guide will explore several waste management systems including landfill, compost and recycling programs, incineration, and reduction-diversion strategies.


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Forests Ontario’s Response to Ontario’s Forest Sector Strategy

Forests Ontario is proud to have been recognized as a leader in forestry education opportunities for our youth in the Ministry of Nature Resources and Forestry’s ‘A Blueprint for Success: Ontario’s Forest Sector Strategy’. Our forests are one of our most important resources and provide us with a wide range of ecological, social, and economic values. The sustainable management of our forests, and the assurance that all of the values we derive from them are provided over the long-term, requires ongoing effort and dialogue.

Please view our formal response to the Forest Sector Strategy in the attached letter.
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Environmental & Forest Education in the Classroom: Summary of Key Workshop Findings

Environmental & Forest Education in the Classroom: Summary of Key Workshop Findings

The long-term well being of our forests is dependent upon engaging and fostering future environmental stewards. However, reaching youth through the school system is becoming increasingly challenging, and many organizations across the province and country have noted barriers in delivering meaningful and sustainable education programs.

In response, Forests Ontario, PLT Canada, and CIF-IFC facilitated a workshop in April, 2019 to discuss the state of environmental and forest education in Ontario, explore the barriers to program delivery, and uncover opportunities to increase participation and impact.

We are pleased now to share a summary report of the workshop and our key findings.

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