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Ontario Envirothon

Ontario Envirothon

The Ontario Envirothon isn’t just an educational program—it’s a team-based competition for high school students who love the outdoors. Think of it as an incubator for the environmental leaders of tomorrow, designed to prepare students for future green careers.

Since 1994, thousands of students, teachers and volunteers have participated in our annual Envirothon competitions, putting knowledge they’ve learned in the field to the test. Interactive workshops give students hands-on experience with forests, soils, wildlife, and aquatic ecosystems, while team-based activities are designed to develop critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Thanks to support from educators and our provincial network of coordinators and volunteers, the program has grown to include close to 200 schools, and produced over 10,000 Envirothon alumni.

But we also need your support. Each of our regional events relies on the generosity of our sponsors. Find out how you can support programs like Ontario Envirothon today.