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Ontario Envirothon


Envirothon gets high school students outdoors, to experience nature first hand and hands on! Envirothon is a unique team competition that rewards students for learning about the natural world around them. Local conservation organizations partner to provide students with interactive field trips and workshops to help them understand forests, soils, wildlife, aquatic ecosystems and the human impact on all of the things we value in nature. Envirothon uses field testing to develop critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.

The Ontario Envirothon builds environmental awareness and leadership among high school youth through practical, hands-on educational experiences, enabling them to make informed, responsible decisions that benefit the earth and society.

Program objectives are:

  • to increase students’ awareness of the natural balance and complexity of environmental ecosystems;
  • to increase students’ understanding of basic science concepts in the areas of forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology, and soil, together with a current environmental issue each year;
  • to provide opportunity for students to experience differing views and concepts relative to environmental issues;
  • to provide opportunity for students to experience new ideas, geography, and cultures throughout Ontario and North America.

Still not convinced? Check out our Ontario Envirothon video to learn more and see what this program means to students across Ontario.

Download the Ontario Envirothon Fact Sheet to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Ontario Envirothon is open to students enrolled in grades 9 through 12 in public, private and home schools, or community organizations such as 4-H clubs. Teams of 5 students are eligible to move on to the Ontario Envirothon Championship. Winners of the Championship will represent the province at the North American Envirothon.

I am a new teacher, how can I learn more?

We have created this handy Teacher’s Guide to introduce you to all that you need to know about the Ontario Envirothon program.

What Region am I a part of?

A region is the closest area to a competition that holds an Ontario Envirothon competition. Regions are roughly based off of school board regions and municipalities and county boundaries. For more details on your region, visit our regional coordinators page or contact us directly.

What is included in the registration fee?

The annual registration fee supports your local regional competition, the Ontario Envirothon program and resources, as well as covers your registration fee to attend the Ontario Envirothon Championship if you win your regional event. The registration fee also supports your registration fee to attend the North American Envirothon if you are the winner. Note that some regional programs have additional fees, and it is best to contact your regional coordinator. Transportation costs are the responsibility of teams unless funding is available.

When does the Ontario Envirothon take place?

The regional competitions typically take place in April, but please check with your Regional Coordinator as to exact dates. Regions may hold workshops throughout the year. The Ontario Envirothon Championship is held in May of each year, the dates and locations are determined early in the school year. The North American Envirothon is typically held in July of the summer following the Ontario Envirothon Championship.

How does the Ontario Envirothon and Ontario EcoSchools relate?

The Ontario Envirothon program can help teachers and students excel within Ontario EcoSchools’ Teamwork and Leadership section by engaging teams of students in developing leadership skills and environmental awareness.

Is the Ontario Envirothon a part of the Specialist High Skills Major?

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) was introduced to focus on expanding the quality learning opportunities and supporting success for all students. Different majors allow students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements for their Ontario Diploma. The SHSM enables students to gain sector-specific skills and knowledge and help them to prepare for postsecondary goals. Currently the Ontario Envirothon is mentioned as part of the Environment SHSM. Other opportunities may also exist in SHSMs including Health and Wellness, Forestry and Agriculture (see Ministry of Education Guidelines for more information).