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Ontario Envirothon


Envirothon is focused on four core topics: Forestry, Soils, Aquatics and Wildlife. Study Guides are available below to help prepare students for their local competitions and the Ontario Envirothon Championship. These guides are great for any classroom and introduce key concepts like carrying capacity, soil profiles, forest management and water quality assessment. These guides, in combination with local workshops, are the basis for the testing component of Envirothon. We are also excited to be introducing webinars this year focused on core Envirothon topics – click here for more info.

Envirothon also allows you to explore a current environmental issue each year and relate it to the core Envirothon topics (forestry, soils, wildlife and aquatics). Forests Ontario prepares materials on the Current Issue each year with examples and case studies specific to Ontario and Canada.

What do you need to know for the competition? To discover more about what you need to know for the Envirothon competition, download the Learning Objectives.

Current Issue: Waste Management

  • 2020 Current Issue Learning Objectives – Will be released in winter 2020
  • 2020 Current Issue Study Guide – Will be released in winter 2020

Study Guides