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Launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario Envirothon Virtual Lab is a digital hub for students and educators featuring expert-led videos and engaging home-based activities. Click here to learn more.

Envirothon is focused on four core topics: Forestry, Soils, Aquatics and Wildlife. Study Guides are available to help prepare students for their local competitions and the Ontario Envirothon Championship, see sidebar menu. These guides, in combination with local workshops, are the basis for the testing component of Envirothon. We are also pleased to offer webinars focused on core Envirothon topics – click here for more info.

Envirothon also explores a current environmental issue each year which is related back to the core Envirothon topics. Forests Ontario prepares materials on the Current Issue each year with examples and case studies specific and in-class activities.

What do you need to know for the competition? To discover more about what you need to know for the Envirothon competition, download the Learning Objectives.

Current Issue: Waste Management

An indicator of a healthy ecosystem is its ability to naturally decompose wastes into smaller base components – for example, water, minerals, and nutrients – which are ultimately recycled back into the environment. Compared to other organisms, humans generate a variety of wastes that cannot be processed by natural systems, and as such must be managed through collective human action. Effective waste management systems must engage multiple stakeholders on several fronts and include education, hazard reduction and waste diversion components. Within Ontario we utilize several waste management systems including landfill, compost and recycling programs, incineration, and reduction-diversion strategies.

There are many challenges associated with managing waste including the possible depletion and contamination of valuable resources. Methods such as landfill and incineration may consume and contaminate air, water and soil if improperly implemented. Additionally, the breakdown of disposed waste materials can also generate powerful greenhouse gas emissions. Looking forward, Canada and Ontario must continue to explore sustainable solutions to further prevent and reduce the impacts of waste in its creation and management.

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