Forests Ontario


Is PLANT for you?

The re-greening of Ontario’s forests is no small feat, but we have another challenge on our hands: the looming retirement of our seasoned forestry veterans. In an effort to better prepare young and incoming forestry staff, Forests Ontario created the Program for Local Afforestation Network Training (PLANT)—a province-wide mentorship initiative through which senior industry members will pass decades of knowledge to a new generation just beginning their careers.

Founded in 2012, PLANT connected forestry experts with post-secondary students who were studying for degrees in forestry or natural resources. Since 2011 we’ve found paid placement roles for 20 students who have been mentored by experienced forestry staff, and many of these former interns have gone on to work within forestry fields across Ontario.

Successful candidates were exposed to a broad range of forestry practices, including…

  • How to plan a new forest, manage existing woodland, and conduct an inventory of planted trees
  • Hands-on experience with leading reforestation techniques that enhance the health and integrity of the local environment
  • Tips on conducting soil, site and survival assessments
  • Information on seed collection, seed genetics, tree nurseries and seed plant roles
  • Techniques for mitigating climate change and invasive species

…all while collaborating with landowners, municipalities, Conservation Authorities and the private sector.

PLANT wouldn’t be possible without the help of our founding supporters—The Ontario Trillium Foundation/La Fondation Trillium De L’Ontario, and RBC Foundation—and support from Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.