Forests Ontario

TD Tree Bee

Can’t tell a pine from a poplar? Don’t know the colour of a paper birch tree’s bark? To help answer these questions and more, we created TD Tree Bee, a tree identification tool for communities, families and classrooms. It’s a great chance to get kids excited about our forests, and the perfect opportunity for friends, families and teachers to spend time learning together outdoors.


For over 60 years, schools participating in our TD Tree Bee program have taught students how to recognize some of the most common species of Ontario trees, and competitions can be held where students face-off against one another in a test of their skills.

TD Tree Bee competitions are held province-wide, and we’re always looking for more communities to get involved. If you’d like to bring TD Tree Bee to your school, or host a TD Tree Bee competition in your community, get in touch!

For the rest of Canada, there’s good news for you, too: soon, we’ll be taking the TD Tree Bee program national, and making the program’s resources available to all online. Sign-up for our email newsletter and we’ll tell you when we’re ready to launch.

TD Tree Bee wouldn’t be possible our leading partner, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, whose generous support has made this program possible. Thanks TD!