Forests Ontario


Forests Ontario respects the privacy of personal information and is committed to protecting any personal information that we handle. As a basis for our own policy, we follow Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

In particular, we will:

  • Only collect, use, and process an individual’s personal information with his/her consent.
  • Limit our use and handling of an individual’s personal information to necessary and identified purposes related to that individual’s relationship with the Forests Ontario.
  • Only share, disclose or transfer an individual’s personal information where required by law or as necessary to carry out the purpose for which it was collected
  • Only allow authorized individuals to access personal information, and always use reasonable measures to protect such personal information from inappropriate uses, access, disclosure, alternation, or destruction

Paper Procurement Policy

Forests Ontario is proud of the very rigorous regulatory framework that Ontario has in place for sustainable forest management. Ontario has world class forestry management practices, a fact that has Ontario forest companies well placed to become certified under the main, independent internationally accepted certification processes. Forests Ontario requests Ontario paper from our suppliers, and when it is not identifiable as such we will choose certified paper. Each printed newsletter and other documents, when possible, will follow this procurement process and be labeled as a sustainable forest paper product.