Forests Ontario

50 Million Tree Program

Are you eligible?

Potential landowners will need…

  • At least one hectare (2.5 acres) of suitable land
  • Land that is open, or mostly open, and has not been defined as a woodland since December 31, 1989, per the Forestry Act.
  • To sign a 15-year management agreement to maintain any trees that have been planted.
  • Practice good forestry management habits.
  • Assume the additional costs associated with the ongoing maintenance of planted trees.

If you meet the above criteria, complete our online landowner registration form or give us a call. We’ll connect you with a local planting delivery agent who will work with you directly to determine if your site is eligible, create a site plan for your property, and coordinate planting.

The goal of the 50 Million Tree Program is to plant 50 million trees by 2025. To date, with continued government support, we’ve helped more than 4,000 landowners get involved.

Planting trees is a practical way to get more from your property, give back to the community, and help the environment. Work with us, and you can increase the value of your land, improve the quality of your soil, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, improve the overall health of the environment and leave a lasting legacy.

You’ll also contribute to an overall increase in forest cover in Ontario, which is one of our most important goals.

The 50 Million Tree Program was inspired by global efforts to plant billions of trees worldwide each year, but has been designed with Ontario landowners in mind. If you have space to spare, we’ll help reduce the costs of large-scale tree planting, and in the process make it more economical to plant more trees. We’ll cover up to 90 percent of your total costs through subsidies, and you could even realize a savings on your property taxes if you plant 10 acres of trees or increase the size of your existing forests to more than 10 acres and become eligible to participate in the governments Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program.

That’s a win for all of us. And it’s not just good for you financially, but the overall health of our planet, too. As a participating landowner, you’ll help keep carbon out of the atmosphere, diversify our forests, and combat climate change. After all, a healthy environment is essential for a healthy economy and healthy society.

Find out how you can help us get to 50 million. You bring the land, and we’ll bring the trees.

What people are saying

“Planting a large number of trees is a challenging task. Forests Ontario and their dedicated partners ensure millions of trees are successfully planted each year under the Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree Program creating new forests on idle lands throughout Ontario.”
Rob Spence, MNRF Administrator of the 50 Million Tree Program and the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

“If I knew planting through the 50 Million Tree Program would have been so easy and  inexpensive, I would have done it years ago.”
Mark Cullen, Canada’s Favourite Gardener, Green Leader