Forests Ontario

50 Million Tree Program

Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program (50 MTP) is a tree planting program supported by the Government of Canada. The goal is to promote tree planting, forest stewardship, awareness and forestry education. By planting trees we will increase forest cover and connect existing forests across Ontario. As of 2019, Forests Ontario has planted more than 27 million trees through the program, producing 15,000 hectares of new forest.

Planting trees is a practical way to get more from your property, give back to the community, and help the environment. Landowners that have worked with us were able to increase the value of their land, improve the quality of their soil, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, improve the overall health of the environment and leave a lasting legacy.

These landowners have contributed to an overall increase in forest cover in Ontario, providing benefits in the province and to Canada as a whole.

The 50 Million Tree Program was inspired by global efforts to plant billions of trees worldwide each year.


What people said about the program

“Planting a large number of trees is a challenging task. Forests Ontario and their dedicated partners ensure millions of trees are successfully planted each year under the 50 Million Tree Program, creating new forests on idle lands throughout Ontario.”
Rob Spence, MNRF Administrator of the 50 Million Tree Program and the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

“If I knew planting through the 50 Million Tree Program would have been so easy and  inexpensive, I would have done it years ago.”
Mark Cullen, Canada’s Favourite Gardener, Green Leader