Forests Ontario

Durham Region 5 Million Tree Program

Forests Ontario supports landowners across the province through the administration of the Ontario government’s  50 Million Tree Program but for landowners in the Durham Region, there’s extra incentive to help us reach that goal. The eight local municipalities of Durham Region are offering additional tree planting subsidies and support for public and private landowners as part of The Durham Region 5 Million Tree Program

But you don’t have to be a landowner to help make Durham greener. Every kilogram of batteries Durham residents donate to the Raw Materials Company (RMC), RMC will donate money to Forests Ontario to support tree planting in Durham Region. Look for a recycling location near you.

The program is part of the Durham Community Climate Change Local Action Plan, which expects to see Durham Region increase its forest cover by approximately 2,800 hectares by 2023.

If you’re a landowner in the Durham Region, ask us how you can get involved, or apply online now.