Forests Ontario

Forest Recovery Canada

We may call ourselves Forests Ontario, but we’re deeply committed to forest recovery across all of Canada, too. For landowners with properties outside of the province, we offer additional support through Forest Recovery Canada, a tree planting initiative for private and public landowners and municipalities nationwide.

By planting strategically, we grow contiguous and diverse forests that stretch far beyond the boundaries of public and private properties—across cities, regions and even provincial lines, countrywide. With the assistance of local planting agencies, we work with landowners to coordinate these planting efforts and provide subsidies for smart, sustainable and cost-effective re-greening.

Because everyone has different tree-planting goals, we tailor the number, species and location of trees planted to meet each landowner’s needs, and ours. Get in touch to learn more.

Of course, this program wouldn’t be possible without our corporate sponsors, who support our efforts to strengthen Canada’s tree planting capacity, and improve the health of our country’s forests. We rely on an extensive network of tree planting organizations, stewardship groups, tree planting agencies, forestry consultants, nurseries, First Nation communities, government and volunteer groups—all of which benefit from your support. Interested sponsors should contact us to find out how to get involved.