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Outram Tree Solutions is a small partnership owned and operated by brothers Jacob and Kelly Outram. Having grown up surrounded by an intensively managed red pine plantation has given us a life time of interactive experience with afforestation. We cover everything from site prep, to planting, pruning, stand tending, and hazard tree removal. We employ 3 certified arborists including the owner, Jacob Outram, who also has a BSc in Forestry and is a Registered Professional Forester in training. Jacob teaches 3 courses at Fleming College, School of Natural Resource Sciences, in the Forestry, Arboriculture, and Environmental Management programs. His dream has always been local afforestation and reclamation of abandoned farmland, and the 50 Million Trees Program is the perfect opportunity to fulfill that dream. Our plan is to purchase nursery stock, deliver to planting sites, use a tractor to plant open areas, and hand plant rough terrain. We would sub-contract the herbicide application, but personally monitor the site for crop tree growth and competition on an appropriate schedule. We also offer spacing and pre-commercial thinning services for established plantations.

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