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Tomorrow’s Forests

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This paper summarizes much of the accumulated knowledge related to tree seed acquisition, seed management, identifies some of the species-specific complexities, and reviews program management strategies undertaken in Ontario and in other jurisdictions. It also attempts to forecast what will be required in the future to address universal opportunities and challenges posed by changes to climate, loss in biodiversity, species at risk, invasive species, and landscape sustainability, all from a tree seed perspective.

This information is intended to inform managers and organizations charged with maintaining and enhancing forest cover, and conducting tree seed management activities. Continued delivery of a robust seed management program will require focus on sound science, collaboration and long-term planning for the entire reforestation cycle.

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How Much Wood?

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Students will learn how to conduct a forest resource inventory and practice taking tree measurements in order to calculate the quantity and financial value of wood in a forested area.

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Earth Day Graphic

Earth Day Graphic

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Did you know that Ontario is home to more than 85 billion trees?

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